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From: peter on 12/22/2002
Ok, so I got the ms09.dll error message that everyone is getting, but i got it trying to install Word by itself; seperate program install. It gave me the ms09.dll error message upon initial efforts to open the install. I have no file to delete, does it come with office? Does it matter that I don't have it to start with?
Second problem is that I've located and downloaded the Ms09.dll file but I have no clue where it's supposed to go... I've ran a search for both Ms09.dll and and come up with nothing. I just reformatted my hard drive followed by a quick restore with the 2 Compaq CDs that came with the computer, so I'm starting out fresh. Obviously this is a Compaq computer, desktop, running Windows 98se (this is actually my mom's computer... I miss my windows XP :( ... So, does anyone have any advice? Do you need more info to help? I need help!! 10 page research paper due ASAP (2 days) and I have no Word program to finish it with!!! HELP!!! :)



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From: John on 06/15/2004
Where did u get the file? I need it too. It probably goes in your
%windir%\system directory (usually C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM)

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