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 Win2k,office2000 - Winword has generated errors an Post a Reply  
From: darren on 12/19/2002
Every time i try to start Word 2000 the splash screen comes up, hangs for 2-3 secs, then puts the above message at the top left of the screen. Excel will start, but as soon as you try to change the font size, the same error comes up and the program closes.

Office has been reisntalled, all the suggestions on technet and MS knowledge base have been tried. Sometimes Word even works,but now it crashes every time!! Getting very frustrated!!

please help. I have the drwtsn.log if that will help, but basically its a c0000005 application exception error.




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From: Computerpilot on 12/19/2002

Try to reinstall the font that is giving you the trouble. Is it always the same font? By default, Word uses New Times Roman as your default font.

I think you can find the font just about anywhere on the Internet or you can probably get it off the Windows Install CD.

I would delete the old one first, then install the new one.

You can test this by trying other fonts and changing their size. If it works, then you can suspect your default font as the suspect (probably New Times Roman).

If you need help with installing fonts, post back for instructions.



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