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From: ASMAR on 12/18/2002
In windows98 I have the next message :
WMPLAYER caused exceotion C06d007eH in module WMPCORE.DLL at 0177:5C4469d5.
after that I can't open my fovorite windows medya player 7.1 version.
Have you an Idea?thank for help.

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From: Computerpilot on 12/19/2002

Sounds like the WMPCORE.DLL file is the wrong version or corrupt. I would attempt a reinstall or upgrade to a newer version of Windows Media Player. I think the upgrade will replace the file with the correct version. Otherwise, you may try finding the file, deleting it, then try the reinstall again.

Rogue plugins for Media Player and other music players that have recently been installed may have changed or corrupted this file.



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