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From: Peter on 12/18/2002
We have an application which when we run under winXP Pro freezes for about 40 secs on mergeing document this happens with W2000 and W2002. It does not happen when using W2K or W98. Have removed norton. It also happens when editing template docs containg merge fields but not with templates without merge fields.
Would be grateful for any help on this matter as it is driving us nuts

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From: Computerpilot on 12/19/2002

I am assuming you are trying to merge fields from Outlook. Do you have conflicting versions of outlook (IE: Word 2k, Outlook XP) or use Microsoft Exchange?

It seems like the computer is hanging when it attempts to retrieve date from Outlook or Exchange. You might try to have outlook open when you do the merge.

I am not aware of any WinXP specific reason of why it would hang for that long of a period before it did the merge.



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