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 Fatal exception 0E has occured at 0187: BFF91DD8 Post a Reply  
From: Sudhakar Chivukula on 12/17/2002

I am not able to boot the system in any mode. I am getting the error mentioned above.

I need your help

Sudhakar Chivukula


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From: Beamuse on 03/18/2004
If you have your Windows disc, you can run setup right from dos - This will not get rid of the files and programs you have on your computer but it will change the settings back to the default.

Here is what you do, Put your windows cd in the drive, and then at the dos prompt, change to the D drive then type SETUP. Follow the directions (you may need your product key ).

Hope this helps


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From: Rene on 03/17/2004
Having theexact same problem here, running Windows '98 SE
updated all the way, I received this error during a bootup after installation of the game 'Zoo Tycoon'. The computer can not be booted up in anymode but Dos, have copied the backup files but no such thing in order to 'fix' the error.

Please help


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