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From: Chris on 12/13/2002
The below mentioned problem did not exist prior to updating windows xp. I recently updated my xp with all the necessary updates. Once completed and the computer restarted, I started browsing around looking for differences. The first thing I noticed is that when playing "spider solitare", the sound does not function properly. All of the sound effects (i.e. card shuffling, beeps, etc.) are spurratic and behind by a couple of seconds. This is the same for "minesweeper". There is also some randomness and lag in regards to sounds when using internet explorer (i.e. menu clicks, menu popups, etc.) My normal computer sounds all function fine, it just seems to be those two games and IE. There's nothing in any help that touches on this problem. Not any thing life threatening, just annoying. Any suggestions, I'd apprecieate it! -Chris

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From: Computerpilot on 12/15/2002

Upgrade the driver.

I am betting you did an 'over-install'. I do not recommend this AT ALL!! I always recommend a complete repartition of a hard drive before installing a new or reinstalling an operating system. Old files still find a way to hide out in your system files. In your case, an old sound card driver file or DirectX conflict.

I would try finding a new driver for your sound card. If this does not work and your sound is not integrated with your motherboard, then relocate the sound card on another PCI slot. The farther away from the original position, the better (possible that there are too many devices sharing memory or IRQ address).



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