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From: Dave on 12/12/2002
ok i have windows xp and as of yesterday my internet explorer decided that when i try to check my email through juno it doesnt want to work. it will freeze and then when i try to do anything it says not respnding and i have to quit out. also when i try to go to other sites like, iexplorer will just stop working. the same thing happens, where i get to the site and can see maybe half of the page and then the arrow turns into an hourglass and it will not respond again. this is very annoying and considerably limits the number of sites i can actually go to where iexplorer will respond. i would appreciate any ideas and help anyone can offer. thanks

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From: computerpilot on 12/15/2002

Try this:

Go to:

C:/Windows/Downloaded Internet Files (folder with little 'e')

Delete all files.

This will remove downloaded Internet Explorer patches like flash and java. When you go back to one of those pages, it will ask you to install it again.

If this does not work, upgrade to IE v6.0 SP1.



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From: Hank on 12/12/2002
Go to and start using a real browser, it's free and commercial interest is not the game.

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