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From: Gavin on 12/12/2002

Same problem in connection with a post awhile back with the same subject heading:

I am intermittantly getting 'Page cannot be displayed' in IE 6 on 3 of 4 PCs within a small network (4 PC). The following are the specifics:

** I have 4 PCs (2 wireless and 2 cabled) running through a couple of linksys routers connected to one 3Com cable modem going to the internet.
** 3 PCs are running Win98 and the 4th PC running WinME.
** 3 PCs are PI to PII (Win98). The 4th is a PIII (WinME)
** All PCs are using various brands of NIC cards.
** All PCs connect to the internet just fine but it is only the Win98 PCs that 80% of the time have intermittant problems with web sites. ** I am managing my own web site from the U.S. that is hosted in the UK and when I attempt to pull up the site in a browser I get the 'The page cannot be displayed' error 95% of the time on all the Win98 PCs but have no problem whatsoever doing so from the WinME PC.
** The same holds true as the last point when attempting to connect to that same host to check email via Outlook on the Win98 PCs but have no problem whatsoever doing so from the WinME PC.

The only problem source points that I can think of would be:

1) OS
2) NIC
3) router
4) Cable modem
5) network configuration (NIC/Router/OS/Cable Modem)
6) ISP (configuration of my account/backbone connection)
7) Internet (time through hops/etc)
8) Web site host (configuration of my account)
9) Web site host in general

Anyone know of a solution or having similar problems??


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From: Computerpilot on 12/15/2002

I would try pinging the web server to see what kind of response time you have. Do this from the Windows 98 computer.

In addition, I am not sure if you are using DHCP or static IP addresses at your business/home. If you are using a static IP address, you may want to be sure to use a primary and secondary domain IP address from your ISP. That might help speed things up a little. While you are at it, enter your internal IP address for your internet router (DSL or cable or other) as your gateway address. These all will help speed things along.

Is your website hosted out of your office? If you have a server running the same domain name, there may be some confusion in the settings on your domain server. However, this is probably not true as you are not getting the problem all the time.

Hope this helps.



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