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From: Baskar on 12/11/2002
I am facing problem in my computer while booting. I am receiving error message states. "himen.sys file missing please reinstall windows2000. Also I tried in another harddisk which is win 98 italso states the himen.sys missing.
Please help me on this. I tried f5 option for safe mode that also failed. All i want to back into the command prompt so that I can reinstall of machine. Also i tried the booting disk to 98.

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From: Claude on 09/28/2003
I had exactly the same problem. I realised that when two hard drives showed the same error it had to be the physical memory itself that had the problem. So I removed one stick of memory at a time and then reinstalled them individually and found one stick created the error message while the other didn't and my computer booted up just fine. So damaged memory stick was the cause. I got mine replaced by the vendor and i am back up to two memory sticks of 256 mb each and I had to do a scan disk to fix my previous fixes! Hope this helps.

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From: Computerpilot on 12/15/2002

Dr. Frued says you meant to say, "HIMEM.SYS".

There is a few ways you can fix this problem.

Windows 98 startup disk will not allow access to an NTFS-paritioned hard drive. Therefore, you will not be successful with this.

The EASIEST way would be to do a install of Windows 2000. It will search your drives for previous version of Windows and offer to repair or do a fresh install. I would repair. This will allow you to keep your files and programs. You need to change your bios settings to search for your floppy, then CDROM, then go to your primary hard drive. Once this is set (usually, this is the default BIOS setting), you can restart your computer with the install CD in your CDROM. Let the setup run its course and follow my previous instructions.

If you are completely desparate and want to do something tricky, here you go (this will require you to boot with the install CDROM and choose the recovery console):

At command prompt, type:


exactly as shown here.
Hopefully, it will show you where HIMEM.SYS resides.

Type exact that line into C:\CONFIG.SYS, replacing older versions of

Save C:\CONFIG.SYS and reboot (important!).
If Windows still fails to load complaining about a missing HIMEM.SYS,
try the DOS version. Replace the line




Save C:\CONFIG.SYS and reboot.

If it still fails, you'll have to get HIMEM.SYS from either your
Windows or your DOS installation diskettes. You can also copy it from
the C:\WINNT dirctory of some other machine.

In that case, rename the HIMEM.SYS file from the C:\WINNT directory
to something else, e.g. HIMEM.OLD and then copy your new HIMEM.SYS to

Make sure you have a line


in your C:\CONFIG.SYS , reboot.



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