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From: Luke on 12/09/2002
I know I need to get some more specific error codes for you, but here's the story: about 5 to 10 min. into every game my pc crashes.
I got an intel 850EMV2 mobo with 512 of 1066 RDRAM, not the 800. I understand that 1066 isn't fully supported on the earlier MV's.
At first I thought heating, but the intel monitor shows the proc peaking at 110, which I guess is kind of hot, but not blazing. I also got the ATI 9700pro. The aux. power cable to the ATI card looks a little lose, but I don't know if that will do it. As last ditch effort I updated the BIOS, chipset driver, reinstalled XP, loaded the INF (I think), SP1, audio and video drivers. (ATI 7.77 and the AC '79) I'm using on-board audio for now, which I don't think has been a problem. The kicker is that the whole system worked like a charm for about two weeks, and then started crashing. What do you think? Thanks for any info!

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From: Nick on 01/04/2003
Here are some things that may help you, I too have the same problem but these may help you my computer is from Korea.

First try downloading Direct X 9

If that doesn't work then try to Clean boot your computer
to do this click run....type in msconfig click ok
when it starts the general tab under selective start up click process system.ini file and win.ini and load startup items...then click the services tab. click the hide all microsoft services and then click disable all.

Restart your computer. If this doesnt work

Adjust your graphics hardware acceleration. You can do this by right clicking on your desktop, click properties click your settings tab, then click the advanced then click the troubleshoot tab move the hardware accelertion two clicks to the left....if after all of these steps are followed and it doesn't work, bring it down to none....*REMEMBER THIS STEP* it is imperative that you do.

Finally, if none of these worked try this one
click start again, then run then type in dxdiag
click ok
under the DirectX features next to AGP Texture Acceleration click disable.
click ok
click exit

These were some things I found researching my issues, hopefully they help.

Take care


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From: Hank on 12/11/2002
Some say 40 to 70 is about the limit on heat. Remember that some sensors are not directly touching the heatsink and will read lower than the actual temp.
Random crashes are RAM or overclocking problems or temp most of the time.

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