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From: Ken on 12/08/2002
I posted a problem here a while back about my Fatal Exception OE 0028:00000017 problem when I tried to play a certain game , you had told me that this error was associated with DirectX and to consider reinstalling DirectX 8.1. I Tried this to no avail , and then I posted about it again and then you had told me it was associated with my video card driver so I went and found updated drivers for my card (Intel 810 chipset) and that did not help . You also had stated to try and lower the performance of it to see if you get some stability , so I lowered the Hardware accelerator and what do you know , it works ! Now I went ahead and kept bumping it up one notch at a time too see if it would keep working and it did , until I tried it the next day and I was again given the Fatal Exception OE 0028:00000017 . I went ahead and lowered it to the lowest setting again and then bumped it up again and it seems fine again but who knows what tomorrow will bring . What I would like to know , is this a problem with my video card , should I just get a new one ?
My OS is Win 98.

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From: Computerpilot on 12/09/2002

What kind of video card do you have? Forgive me if you mentioned it before this post but my memory is a little foggy. Oh, and sorry about not responding to your reply. I guess I missed that somewhere?!

If you have a GeForce card, the answer is 'yes'. I would get another video card immediately and not of the same type.

Is your video imbedded in your motherboard? It sounds like it might be imbedded. You may also try different memory allocations from RAM in this case. For example, imbedded video memory will usually use your system RAM of about 16 or 32mb. You can decrease this value in the BIOS or some have the capability in the settings. You will be able to figure this out by checking the system information and viewing how much RAM is installed. If it is actually less than what you have installed or an unusual number, then you probably have integrated sound. In this case, I would definitely start looking into buying a nice video card and disabling motherboard video.

Hope this helps.



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