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 3d prophet 4000xt PCI 64mb graphics card game prob Post a Reply  
From: Matthew on 12/07/2002
I have a 3d prophet 4000xt PCI 64mb graphics card running on a PIII 500mhz pc with 384 mb ram and windows XP home ediiton. Iam able to install the drivers and have installed an update driver from the internet when I got the card. WOrks fine in win xp but certian games like Return to "Return to Castle Wolfenstien" and "Medal of Honour" and Microsoft train simulator wont work. "RTCW" & "MOH" say error in opengl though sometimes the games work fine. and hel por need more info ket me know, Thanks.

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From: vicki on 08/20/2003
i have similar problems and contacted hercules
here is there reply

A serious bug exists in Windows memory manager that causes severe 3D problems with Kyro based video cards. Unfortunately, we cannot resolve this Windows issue, only the chipmaker can. In the meantime, the only solution we can provide in this situation is to remove enough memory so that you only have 256 MB or less of RAM. The error should only occur if you have more than 256 MB of memory installed. I apologize for this inconvenience, and encourage you to be patient. A fix for the problem is in the development stages

hope this helps


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From: Computerpilot on 12/09/2002

I guess I would consider the Open GL a problem. You can set these options up in your individual games. I would push down the settings a bit to help or disable OpenGL.

You can also change the settings in your video card, but I would not mess with this considering it is not a problem for other applications.

Hope this helps.



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