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From: Talisha on 12/06/2002
Help? The top two inches of my computer screen, all the way across, is distorted/wavy. I tried changing the refresh rate and it worked at 60hz momentairly but after a restart the distortion is back. I reset the 60hz refresh rate but now it does not change anything. Why would I need to change the refresh rate anyway? I have had the computer for four years and have never had this problem before. The problem started on the same day I downloaded some updates. I think DirectX 8 was one of them. Is there an activity log that shows me the items I last downloaded? Could this have anything to do with the problem? If so what do I need to do to fix this problem? I appreciate any ideas as I am not a computer expert in any way, shape, or form. O' yeah, I notice the screen does not have this problem when just started (first 10 sec) while the "big" Dell logo is displayed. It starts once my normal desktop shows up.



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From: Computerpilot on 12/09/2002

ARG!!! I hate two separate posts on the same issue. Please keep them to replies. This information would have been helpful to my last post. Therefore, you will have to sort through the advice...

My last advice is wrong. The problem is associated with your DirectX install or your video card. Most likely, your video card drive was changed. I would reinstall your video card driver or look for an update on Dell's website. This might reset some of your registrations with DirectX and stop the wavy lines. You can also run tests in the DirectX applet in the Control Panel with the Video Card that may determine if there are any problems.

Please keep replies to your first post (this one).



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