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 Computer will not shut down Windows ME Post a Reply  
From: David on 12/03/2002
My computer was freezing up constantly so I decided to format and run recovery. Ever since my computer will not shut down properly. I click start and shutdown as normal, what normally happens is my screen says its safe to power off your system and then it shuts itself down. The computer turns off and my monitor goes into standby. Well now here is what happens, I shutdown, it goes through the process like normal and then my monitor never goes into standby, my keyboard lights stay lit up, the light that shows my computer is on goes off, but it doesn't actually shutdown, In order for my computer to shutdown I have to hold in my power button for 5 seconds and then it shutsdown. The monitor never goes into standby. When I turn it back on it runs scandisk and says windows was not properly shutdown. Now, I am using a NVidia Geforce 2 400mx 64mb vieo card and that seems to be whats causing the problem. Before I reinstalled the video card the computer shut down fine. I installed the video card, installed directx 8.1, the current video drivers etc.. it is installed correctly. Now my computer does not have an AGP slot, its a PCI Video card. My normal video card is intergrated Intel(R) 82810E Graphics Controller. I have disabled it in my device manager, I have attempted to remove it but it just reinstalls itself everytime. So I conclude I was not having this problem when I did not have the card installed, and now I am after I installed it. I do not think the card is bad because I have been using it for the past year without problem, any help would be appreciated.

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From: Lester on 04/13/2003

Have a windows Me 2000 and have the same problem.Go for a normal
shut down and the whole thing freezes up almost every time.What can
I do?
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From: Computerpilot on 12/03/2002

Believe it or not, it is not your video card. But don't worry, I am sure that it will give you plenty of trouble later one in life...

(not a big fan of the GeForce video cards as you might be able to tell)

When you reinstalled Windows, it installed the standard PC HAL instead of the ACPI compliant HAL. You can attempt to change this. Beware! It is possible that you will have to reinstall your OS if you are unsuccessful. I am a little rusty with this procedure and Win ME. However, I think if you go to your device manager, click plus next to 'computer', double-click 'Standard PC'. Choose to update the driver and select the ACPI driver. If your computer was successfully shutting down by itself (ACPI) in the past, this driver should install and work properly.

You do have an older motherboar (no AGP). Therefore, I cannot be sure of this. But I am 75% sure the ACPI driver should work. Then again, I am not sure what crashed it in the first place. Worth a try, I guess.

By the way, the Standard PC is a completely normal HAL. You can use it without any troubles. As a matter of fact, it even has some benefits.



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