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From: MikeR on 12/02/2002
Ok, I've had some serious problems this weekend... I installed a new motherboard (ASUS CUSL2-C) and now at random my computer just reboots. I don't even have to be doing anything thing, and all of a sudden I'm at the RAM check... too wierd.

I've installed Windows 3 times now and it still does it.. done chkdsk's even started talking to the computer after 2 whole days of sitting infront of this thing trying to make it work... please help



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From: Computerpilot on 12/03/2002

Hardware issue.

I bet Windows XP has installed way too many hardware devices on the same IRQ. I have had SERIOUS problems with my home computer and Windows XP with this exact issue. Unfortunately, you probably have the ACPI HAL installed and this does not allow control of IRQ assignment in the BIOS. You actually need to downgrade to the Standard PC HAL to have control over changing your IRQ's to make the hardware work in harmony and stop your computer from resetting. In doing this, you will loose the hibernation/standby/advanced power management features of your motherboard.

If you do not have that many devices in the PCI slots, I would first try moving them around to unused slots. This will sometimes force the ACPI HAL to change the IRQ of the device.

You can verify this problem in the Computer Manager or System Information.

If you need help in accomplishing any of this, post back.



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