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From: Michael on 11/28/2002
I have Windows 98. I try to boot up and a blue screen comes up, saying "a fatal exception OE has occurred at 0187:0000001. Press CTL Alt Delete to any key to continue." I press any key and then it goes to a black screen, then nothing. Then I restart and it gives me the option of normal, safe mode, etc. I go safe mode and it repeats. Plese help. Thank you

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From: Computerpilot on 12/02/2002

Sounds like some of the system files were not installed properly or were wrong versions.

Can you get into safe mode (F8 on startup)? I would try this first. If you can, then I would uninstall IE and run an SFC. You can do this by getting to the MSDOS prompt (on Programs menu) and typing "SFC /now". You will need your install disk. This will find any corrupt or missing system files and replace them from the install CD.

You can also do this outside of safe mode (if unable to get into Safe Mode).

If all else fails, you are probably going to have to reinstall the operating system. Might I suggest that this is a good oportunity to upgrade to XP?

The error message you provided is not specific and is unknown to me. This types of error messages are usually associated with others that you are getting.

Hope I helped a little.



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From: mike on 11/28/2002
in addition, the last thing I did before this happened was try to restore Internet Explorer 5.5. It told me to reboot, and now I cant get my computer working.

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