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 Word 2000 demands the Word 2000 SR-1disk -won' Post a Reply  
From: Jim on 11/28/2002
O/S Windows ME
Office 2000 Professional.

When I start Word the Windows Installer appears with the message
"The features you are trying to use are on a CD-ROM or other removable disk that is not available. Insert the Microsoft Word 2000 SR-1 disk and click OK. Use features from Microsoft Word 2000".

If I browse to the Office 2000 disk i get a message saying "use features from D:\data1.msi". There is a file called DATA1.MSI (it's in uppercase) on the root directory of the CD. If I point to it I get the message from Windows installer "D:\data1.msi is not a valid installation package. Try to find data1.msi in a folder from which you can install MS Word 2000 SR-1. When I tire of going around this loop and click cancel, Word closes.

I don't know what Ms Word 2000 SR-1 is, and I don't want to unless I must.

I have deleted everything Microsoft from my computer, cleaned up my files, and reinstalled ME. It's no better.

Can you help?




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From: rasha on 06/06/2005
can u please send me a copy of data1.msi for office 2000

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From: Beryl on 12/04/2003
I have the same problem. What is the fix?

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From: Jim on 11/30/2002
Panic over!!
The file was on the old Works Suite Disk which came with the computer.
Thanks anyway.

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