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From: Sue on 11/27/2002
Has anyone discovered the reason & solution for the following errors:


AOL, POP3 Server: AOL, Error 0x800ccc0d

OPW has caused an error in OPW100.dll

Thanks for any information you may have.


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From: TechnoWarrior on 12/07/2002

AOL doesn't use pop3 mail servers, it uses imap.
Are you using any 3rd party email packages like outlook, etc when this happens?

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From: Computerpilot on 11/27/2002


You probably have a GeForce 400 type video card. You can read the board for that advice. Try an updated driver version first, then throw away the video card and get another brand (these cards cause a lot of problems with blue screens). There are some combinations of hardware that still do not have a fix yet. This error message can come from a different video card and require the same fix.

AOL, POP3 Server: AOL, error 0X800CCC0D:

Reinstall AOL or upgrade to version 8.0. Either one should fix your AOL woes.

OPW has caused an error in OPW100.dll:

You will have to post back some more information on this one. I do not recognize the DLL file. I am sure this occurs when you are running a particular program on your computer. I need to know the name of that program. If it were me, I would reinstall whatever application that turns out to be that gives you this error message.



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