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 win95 setup failure "error loading somefile.? Post a Reply  
From: goat on 11/26/2002
I hooked a WD 10g drive to an old computer
and the bios didn't support it.  When I
did the EZ-install from WD it apparently
wrote some thing to the other drive.  Wd
did explain how to undo it but it didn't
really work. I don't know if it was the Wd
EZ or the disk cleaning utillity i used
that wiped out the mapping on the old
Quantum 400m drive.  When I would run
win95 setup it would fail giving all kinds
of "error loading (this or that file)".
I finnally peaced the answer to my problem
togeather with a little info hear and
there.  I had mbr'ed and repartitioned,
formated the drive several times.  Scandisk
would find problems and fix them, then the
next time scandisk would find different
problems.  It did turn out to be the hard
drive.  I searched the web and talked to
several very knowladgeable people and no
one knew the answer.  My point is that
some one should have this info in a fourm
or something to spare some other pour soul
the stress I have endured.

hope this helps someone


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From: Computerpilot on 11/26/2002

I guess I missed your previous post on this site looking for help with this issue.

I would have told you that if you are continuously running Scandisk on a hard drive and finding errors, go get yourself a new hard drive. This is the first sign of failure.

Also, the utility that you used to make your hard drive work with an unsupported BIOS is not friendly of anything but WD hard drives as the utility is offered at a much higher price (not free like yours) with drivers for other hard drives. Therefore, you can only use the utility to work with your purchased hard drive. I have worked with this before.

Just adding to help others out with a similar problem.



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