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From: Ken on 11/25/2002
I went to play a game I have not played for a while and this is the error I get . When I first tried to play the game I had to re-install it which was wierd because I never did anything to get rid of it, and I got this Fatal exception OE : 0028:C18884EE in VXD Riptide(03) + 000024EE then I un-installed the game , re-installed it and now I get the 0028:00000017 error . I have Windows 98 . I know that a while back my Mcafee Virus shield told me I had A virus so the file was deleted , then my computer was stuck on the windows screen at start up and never went any further so I ran my recovery discs and was up and running again . How do I get rid of these errors ?

Thanks in advance .


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From: Elliott on 11/12/2003
I've booted 98se twice in a row now without this fatal exception, but I was getting one with 06 and 0028:00000017 yesterday. I did recently install Directx 9, so maybe that's my problem? I also had a mailer (The Bat!) that for a while wouldn't run beyond the splash screen, now suddenly it's running part of the time, without having downgraded back to dx8.1.

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From: charlie on 07/25/2003
i have the same exception when i run Dxdiag"it asks if i want to bypass the "accessing system information" part of the test.
if i chose no then the blue screen appears with the 0028:00000017
I built a new computor with a matsonic MS9337C motherboard
and tryed to install without success a pinnical tv /video capture board.
Running the pinnical software also causes the same exception
Strange part is if i disable the onboard audio"AC97 type".the Dxdiag program runs thru without error.i cant test this
setting with the tv board as it wont run without seeing a sound
Ive tryed moving the int's around and port#'s for the AC97 device
without success.
and I have tryed reinstaling the direct 8 with and without a format and fresh OS install.
Is there some kind of imcompatabilty issue with direct8 and win 98?.
and does anyone know if this exception "0028:00000017" is caused by hardware issues "port asignments interupts etc.
or is a software module loading in ram problem?
I was thinking of installing directx 9 but after reading the scarry stories about Directx9 at the microsoft directx forom.
ive decided ill stay with directx8.

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From: Penny on 04/15/2003
The new version of directx may be your problem. Some older computers do not like the newer versions. There is a program called directx buster to help delete out directx and get an older version. I know this does not help with game playing but it may be the cause of your blue screen

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From: Ken on 11/26/2002
Well.... I went and got Directx 8.1 and I still get the same blue screen and message , is there another option ? I sure hope so , this is starting to get frustrating !!
I can be e-mailed at if need be .

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From: Computerpilot on 11/26/2002

The OE 0028:00000017 error message is associated with DirectX.

I try to avoid doing an 'over-install' as it causes a lot of problems. Typically, you can get registry problems with programs, driver issues, and my favorite, conflicting dll versions. Oh yes, there is nothing like a conflicting dll file version to make your blue screen shine brighter.


I guess what I am saying is if you can backup all your files, fdisk, reformat, reinstall windows, you will avoid many future blue screens.

However, if this is not an option for you, I would consider reinstalling DirectX 8.1. This should re-link everying for you and avoid some of the blue screens.

Good luck.


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