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From: zack on 11/25/2002
I have a very similar problem - I recently added a Linksys ethernet card to my old computer - I had been using a 3COM Nic adapter for internet access through a cable modem. Ever since I added the card I have lost access to the internet on this computer - other computers connected to the Router are fine. The network seems to be working fine - I can hop on to any of the computers connected via the router and browse all of them. I was initially able to ping websites but now thats gone too. I called Linksys... well thats another story...

I have a compaq 5441 with Windows 98 and internet explorer 6

Following is what I have already done to attempt to restore internet connectivity;
1. Uninstalled the 3COM adapter completely
2. Reinstalled the Linksys ethernet PCI card
3. verified that the card is working and does not have any conflicts
4. Updated the Winsock32.dll via SFC.
5. Ran the Internet Connection wizard.
6. Verified the IP addresses and gateway assigned by the router work
on the other computers

Can anyone help ?


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From: Computerpilot on 11/25/2002

This is not a Linksys problem. It is most likely a problem with your router. Is it possible that your router cannot offer more than a few clients Internet access? Some routers are restricted to the number of users it can handle. This is usually done purposely to ISP-provided routers to avoid too many users on a broadband connection. Remember, broadband Internet speed is restricted to how many users are on a particular loop (your neighbors). There are many restrictions to broadband Internet users (ie, other email accounts, web services that are running on your computer - Win2k and XP pro, etc.). You may want to check with your ISP. With a broadband modem attached to a switch, the ISP usually requires a separate Internet IP address for each computer on the network. It will restrict the users to two or three computers for a hub attached to the modem but will not require a separate IP address for each one.

You may be slightly confused on how the router can tell how many computers are attached but it is true that it can. They can do this via DHCP (most likely this is the case in your scenario) or through NAT (Network Address Translation allows a communication directly with the one IP address to your internal IP address).

Other networking issues such as IP address octals also can be a concern here. However, you indicate connectivity inside and no connectivity outside. This is an issue with what IP addresses you assign. For example, you cannot access a IP addressed computer if your IP address is

In addition, are you running Zone Alarm or other personal firewall? These can also be causing your problems if improperly configured. I would UNINSTALL (not disable) any firewall software to test this theory.

You may also try to renew your IP address registration with your cable modem DHCP. You can do this by going to the 'run' command off the start menu and typing 'winipcfg'. Choose your adapter from the dropdown box then click 'renew' button. This will get you another IP address assignment from the router. My guess is that if you do this while one of the other computers are not operating and your problem is associated with restricted users on the router, then you will regain access to the Internet but your other computer will now exhibit the problem.

Other issues with Windows 98 can relate to DNS server resolution for websites. You may try asking your ISP for the primary and secondary DNS server addresses and set these with your network settings. This information is usually given in the subscription packet of info that your ISP gave you after install. Otherwise, you may find it on their website or by calling them. You can try this DNS server (ONLY AS A TEST!!!) to test this theory (you will need to restart the computer after you set this DNS address as your primary):

Hope this troubleshooting guide helps you out (and others).



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