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From: Teo on 11/23/2002
Hi, my Windows XP computer just started restarting after I installed a new Western Digital Hardrive (80 Gigs). The computer goes into windows and when it detects the drive it restarts and it keeps doing that loop, I am going crazy.

Please let me know how to fix it.


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From: Cientista on 12/20/2002
You must replace you power alimentation of your tower

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From: Drakeman on 11/24/2002
See if your BIOS setting has a "disable translation" selection in it, and/or your BIOS is old and can't handle large drives. I always leave the drive detection on "auto", check that too.
Your HD should come with a disk and it has a program on it that will allow a old BIOS to see the new drive, it sucks and you should get a new motherboard if this is your problem.
If not, try a low level format, your boot sector may have something on it that is causing this, you need a bootable floppy with format and fdisk on it, you may want someone who has done this to do it for you.
Don't forget to mount Mandrake Linux on your HD so you won't have to put up with blue screen crashes anymore. It's free to download and works just like windows without all the $$$ for all the extra programs you need. You can download the CD's from here
All sorts of free programs from here

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