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From: Jo S on 11/22/2002
Hi again, well thanks for the advice on the error 7000, I did some research based on that and came up with something, but need a bit more advice - see other posting!

Meanwhile I was just wondering... why is it that my screensaver (using the XP built in one where you point it at a folder to do a slideshow) does not kick in if I have an Excel window open? This is the only program to cause this, and I wondered if it's something to do with the settings in Excel.

Thanks, Jo.


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From: Computerpilot on 11/22/2002

Actually, you are probably right. If you are using Excel XP, there is a autosave feature that finally got added to Excel that might be running in the background, causing your screen saver to not appear.

If you are using Excel 2000, there is an available plugin that you can install for autosave. If you have this enabled, then this would also stop a screen saver from appearing.



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