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From: Dionicio on 11/20/2002
I'm trying to restore my computer with the restore cd that it came with when I bought it. However, it says "General failure reading drive A". After that it returns to the setup screen where on the bottom of the screen it states "NTLDR is missing Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart" I'm stuck from here, can anyone help?!

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From: Homer on 11/20/2002
Drive A is not your CD ROM drive. Sounds like you need to hold down DEL or TAB key to get into BIOS and set it boot from CD ROM.
If the computer is older it may not have a option to boot from CD and you need to boot from floppy (your drive A). This floppy will have a CDROM driver on it. It probably came with your computer.
The instructions to make a boot floppy is normally on the CD somewhere, just start looking through the folders (using someone elses computer).
Hope this helps.

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