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From: Shannon on 11/18/2002
my computer freezes randomly, about every few hours. i built it myself, athlonxp 1600 (1.4ghz), thermaltake dragon orb3, asus a7v266, 512mb crucial ram, 80gb 7200rpm western digital hd, asus v8460 geforce4 ti 4600 128mb ram, sound blaster platinum w/live drive, dual moniters, acer 56x cdrom drive, sony 24x/10x/40x cd-rw drive
it runs windows 2k pro, this problem starts about a month ago, and it is becoming more frequent, it always freezes during the night, because i like to leave it on 24hrs a day. ive tried closing pretty much all the nonessential programs, updating my 4-in-1 drivers, and flashing a updated bios
i am not overclocking, and my cpu temp is 46C

if someone could give me a hand, id be really grateful. thanks


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From: Computerpilot on 11/19/2002

Are you networked? Do you have DSL or Cable? If you are running an ethernet cable into your computer, you are using some type of networking. Unfortunately, getting W2K to go 'Standby' or shut down the hard drive in the power settings with networking will cause the problem you are having. This is one area that I would look into. Expecially if you do not have a 'wake on LAN' network card.

Otherwise, it is hardware-related and should be treated as such. I guess I would look at IRQs, the event log, and do some hardware troublshooting (removing devices and recreating the problem).

Hope I helped...



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