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From: Robyn Darlow on 11/14/2002
Using Windows 98 - Have 2 OE errors

1. 0028:C000A458 application terminated (this one terminates the application program). Cannot find answer on Microsoft knowledgebase.

2. 0028:C000B039 in UXD VMM (01)+ 0000A039 (This one could be associated with the mouse). Again cannot find answer on Microsoft knowledgebase.

These error happening daily so I would be most appreciated for a quick response.

Thank You


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From: Computerpilot on 11/15/2002

I think you mean "VxD" instead of "UXD" in your second error message.

These two error messages are associated with the same problem but could mean two different problems.

Usually, it is associated with high graphics applications such as using Internet Explorer or playing a game. Also, you may get this error message after installing a new video card. If any of this sounds familiar, then you need to be sure that all remaining files associated with your old video card are removed, and you reinstall/update your current video card. If you have not recently installed a new video card, then simply update the current video card driver.

Another possiblity is related to overclocking the CPU. In addition, it can also be related to a heat issue inside your computer. A good test for this is to remove the cover to your PC and see if you get the error messages.

Hope this gets you in the right direction.



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From: Drakeman on 11/14/2002
Download the free CD's from here, install this and you may have a crash once a year! A lot of software is included like a browser, games, office (ms compatible) things and e-mail programs.
Soon everyone is going to be doing this, why not be ahead of the game?

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