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 Norton System Works 2002 Optimization error Post a Reply  
From: Dave on 07/16/2002
I tried to preform a complete Optimization and the program stopped reporting a lost clusters error. I was directed to do a repair using the Disk Doctor. After completion I ran the scan disk and there were no errors reported back.
I am now experiencing problems while running applications. I will get a blue screen and have to reboot the system, or I will have to wait while the system runs scan disk.
What do I need to do to repair the problem?
I did not have any problems until I ran the Optimization routine after installing the Norton utilities.

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From: Renee on 09/27/2003
I too have installed Norton's sytem works 2003.using windows Mi...have had nothing but problems .tried reinstalling few times and no changes feel it is slowing my compter and when try to go to Norton help or use the link to get tech support takes me there but no help is available ...very fustrating spent much moeney for program that has screwed up my compter HairpinmonteSS@AOL.COM

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From: Computerpilot on 07/18/2002
No offense, but this is the quote of the day:

"I did not have any problems until I ran the Optimization routine after installing the Norton utilities."

I just want to say that I have had nothing but the best with Norton Antivirus. I use the software for all my networking solutions as well as home. However, when it comes to the 'Systems' version, I hesitate.

I know that computers are difficult for beginners and I would not be helping people out on this board if I didn't! But this software can do more harm than good!

I would suggest you try that scan disk. Only this time, make sure to check the option for 'thorough' scan. This could take up to a day!!!! It depends on the size of your drive, of course. This should recover any lost clusters. It will also do a surface scan of your drive(s), which will disable damaged sectors so that Windows does not try to run files on the damaged parts. This is VERY normal for a hard drive. As a matter of fact, 100% of hard drives are shipped with small damaged areas. You computer just avoids these sections.

You did not mention what operating system you are running. If it is Windows 98 and 95, it is imperative that you stop as much of the background applications as possible. One way I like to do this is to exit out of every icon in the lower right corner (near the clock) and also hit Control-Alt-Del to stop programs that I am familiar with.

This is really up to you, but when you are finished, I would uninstall Norton System Utilities. If you have the Firewall or Antivirus Suite, then keep that as you need a good virus scanner.

I applogize if I offend anyone including yourself regarding Norton System Utilities. This is only a basis of my own experience with the software. FYI - there is a Mac version that does a good defragmentation for Macintoshes!

Post back if you still have blue screens after my advice.



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