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 Icons & toolbars are gone from winword in offi Post a Reply  
From: Charles on 11/11/2002
Can somebody please help me get back the toolbars & Icons in winword, office-2000 program.
I re-installed office but sill nothing. I have to search for everything with the controle and alt keys. e.g.(To save, open, print.) everything. Thats a head ache can somebody send me some light on this problem.

Thank you very much.


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From: Computerpilot on 11/13/2002

I am not sure if you are a newer computer user or veteran. Therefore I cannot pinpoint what occurred.

However, take a look at this link. There are a few options to try depending on your user level. If you are new to the computer or laptops with a touchpad, you might have just moved the toolbar out of view by accident.

You can try deleteing the file to rebuild your template (toolbars are usually associated with the template).

Hope this points you in the right direction



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