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From: Hank on 11/10/2002
I am sick of this, it's been going on for years now. I put in a thing called "bomb shelter" so that when it crashes I don't have to power up again but even that doesn't always work and who knows how corrupt memory is after that.
I won't use any important programs like quicken after bomb shelter goes off because I don't want to lose any banking data.
It crashes daily, and hourly, when ever I have more than about 9 windows open or am doing e-mail and browsing.
I hate this, I have lots of ram 128MB and I am so afraid of losing important e-mails or bank data that I only read my e-mail/banking when it first starts up.
I will not pay microsoft another dime for "XP" or any other non improvements, I have had it with this computer crash stuff.
Win98, Athlon 650 mhz, 128M ram, agp video card n vidia I think.
Plus netscape I have java and any other specisl things off because it will lock the computer up on a lot of sites. This sucks and I know I am not the only one having this problem.
I try to keep things simple, I don't download a lot of programs or play games or install anything that isn't "normal". I just want to go on the net, do some e-mail and do my banking with quicken. Is that too much to ask of a computer?
I don't expect there is a solution, and I have friends that have purchased a new computer for the same reasons only to have the same type of problems.
I have also had friends that fix one problem by installing a new "DLL" or driver only to have another one pop up a few weeks later.
I don't want my computer to be fixed for a week, this should stop if I buy win 2000 or XP right? Not from what I read here.
You are lucky if you even read this, it should crash any second now, I am cringing as I press the mouse button.
I am sick and tired of it! How many other people out there are sick of this too?
Thanks for letting me vent, I am beyond frustrated with this damn computer!!!
Anyone else?

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From: Computerpilot on 11/11/2002

Why don't you pass on some of your error messages you are getting. I would be happy to assist you in fixing your computer!



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