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From: Jahanara on 11/08/2002
My graphics card name is NEC CI A526 on Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA).
Pakard Bell computer, Win98 Second Edition newly installed. Before It was win98 as well and it was backed up in the hard drive, I removed all then newly installed from different cd. Now I can not find 16 bit high resolution color, and 256 color as well. Only i Have 16color and two color. Images do not good and clear.
Can anbody tell me how can I solve the prolem?


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From: Richard on 11/09/2002
When you originally installed your card you probably installed it's driver from a supplied disk. Go find that disk and then go to control panel / system / hardware and select your card, then find the button that says "update driver" and get to the point where it says "I have disk" and then insert the disk etc...

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