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 Error OE : 018F : BFF8E64B Post a Reply  
From: Chris on 11/08/2002
I am getting this error but only when accessing one particular site.

Ended up so bad that it took my PC to its knees - Had to reformat and reload the whole lot again.

Using Windows ME.

Look forward to receiving advice.




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From: Rob on 01/24/2003

Got the same problem as you posted on 11/08 ref:
error O18F:BFF8E64B

did you ever solve that problem?
if so how?
I'm running windows ME


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From: Computerpilot on 11/10/2002

Sorry about that last post. For some reason I posted a reply to the wrong original post.

I was just going to say that it was a bad driver for your Matrox 400 card. All you needed to do is install the updated version from their website.




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From: Computerpilot on 11/10/2002

Here is your last resort:

I would first try an SFC if you can boot the computer with a standard win98 boot disk. Once you get to the command prompt, type: "SFC /now".

If that does not work, then here is another idea that should work:

Start computer with boot disk - choose start with cd-rom.

cd c:\windows

mkdir options

cd options

mkdir cabs

change to your cd-rom drive

copy win98 c:\windows\options\cabs

go back to c:\windows\options\cabs
type setup

This will not erase any of your files - it just resets windows defaults and any files that might have been erased.



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