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 Dxdiag crashes at the begining Post a Reply  
From: Lonis on 11/08/2002
Hello people. Here is the (bug).When i run dxdiag (directx ver. 8.1) it says that there was problem accesing the system information the las time it was loaded and asks me to skip it or to run it. If i skip it everything looks normal. If not a windows blue screen gives me an (exception 06 at 0028:00000017) and when i press a key i jump back to my desktop whithout finishing loading of dxdiag...
(My PC is a AMD Thund.1300 on a MSI KT3 UltraARU whit 256DDR ram at 333Mhz and a Gforce 4MX440 64MB VGA whith win98 on it.)
Thanks in advance.!!

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From: Tom on 05/29/2003
I am having the same problem with a machine I just built. I also have the problem of the system hanging when I try to run a game like Unreal2 which also looks for system information the first time it runs. All new drivers here also.

AMD XP2200+
256MB DDR ram
GForce4 MX video (integrated in mobo)


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From: german on 04/05/2003
me pone que debo actualuizar el directx que tengo en el cpu, tienen alguno gratis y bueno yo tengo el dx6

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From: Peter on 12/29/2002

I have exactly the same problem. Trying to find a solution. I reformatted the whole machine reinstalled everything (latest BIOS, latest motherboard drivers, graphichs drivers etc.) I also updated to IE 6 (and service pack 1) which caused my netgear FA310TX to be bad (NDIS error at startup). I then removed the network card and the machine seem to work properly (but no Internet).

The complete reinstall was that my Windows Media Player went corrupt after installation of WMP 7.1 (I'm 99% sure of that). Then DirectX could not lod Direct Sound or Direct Music, it then hanged the machine).

Now after the installation the system info is the only remaingin part that is not working. One thing I can imagine is that the absence of the network card (that was removed from devices and physically) might cause some problem. Have you a network card that is working? I also reinstalled DirectX 8.1 first with a swedish version and then with an english version. Just the same 28:00000017 access violation.

Win98 (with all Windows Updates)
Soltek ERV86 Motherboard
AC97 enabled in BIOS and function well in DXDIAG
Craetive GeForce 4 Titanium 4600
DirectDraw etc functions well in DXDIAG
Removed USB from BIOS just to be sure of IRQ conflicts

I will dig on and post a message if I find something that solves the problem.



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From: Computerpilot on 11/10/2002

My first step would be to reinstall DirectX v8.1.

Post back if you still get the error message.



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