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From: Mike on 11/07/2002
Windows blue screen of death

A nexception error has occurred at 0028:C152C7EE in VxD VIP (01) + 0000757E. This was called from 0028:C001C3D4 in VxD NDIS (01) + 00004860.

Please help!!



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From: Jorge on 02/23/2003
The problem can be the bad Windows and its bugs always unsolved.
I am using the Outpost firewall, my setup for Dial-up is ok, but after had instaled several software the windows are not negotiating right with something.

The better is make a backup of what is useful, like mail address, e-mail msgs, favorites, docs, dial-up setup, files, and so on. Late
uninstall and reinstall this bad guy win98se. This is what I will do next week.

Good look,



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From: Computerpilot on 11/10/2002

Two possibilities here...

Make sure you have DHCP disabled in your settings. This means you TCIP networking settings should be set to obtain an IP address automatically if you have a DHCP server/router/modem. It should have a static IP address if otherwise.

Also, this error message has been the result of a Denial of Service attack known as the 'Kiss of Death'. You may consider a firewall.

Hope this helps.


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