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From: TeeHeeHee on 11/05/2002
I have a problem with windows, it almost works right.
I almost can browse using MS Internet explorer but when I get almost to where I want to go today, it crashes and a pretty blue screen shows up 0E 00167:9F8503AD
Then I almost get an important document typed into word, and it crashes and I lose all my work because I didn't save it in the last 2 minutes. But I almost got where I wanted to go.
Then one time I got a document of the net and hit "print" and almost got a printout of some important info I wanted, then it BSOD, hp printer driver problem.
Now I just spend all my days updating drivers and reinstalling windows, that way I never get to where I want to go today but instead do microsoft's labor that they should have put into their products to begin with.
I have to go work two jobs now so I can pay microsoft more money to fix these problems when I buy a new XP disk, but that will probably creat a lot of other problems and I will think I am getting to where I want to go today because I paid some dollard to the great bill gates, my god and master of all computers.

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From: Computerpilot on 11/05/2002

Do you have somewhere else to be?

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