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 corrupt/missing hal.dll using win XP Pro Post a Reply  
From: [-BIGStik-] on 11/05/2002
about a week ago i downloaded a program called "boot xp" which changes the everyday boot screen to whatever .bmp u would like....after changing the screen about a week ago i proceeded to re-boot my computer. after my puter posted i got the error "cant find boot.ini in c:\windows" "hal.dll. needs to be re-installed or replaced." the funny thing is the partiton that the windows directory is in is my f: drive. i went as far as trying to move both hal.dll. and my boot. ini from my f drive to my c drive but there in NTFS formatt and i cant access them using ordianary boot baffled. does anyone have an answer other than re-installing win xp pro? thanks...

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