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 Why does GoBack cause the HD to percolate endlessl Post a Reply  
From: Gerard on 11/03/2002
I have tried to install GoBack on a system running WinME, and each time I get a "successfull" installation. But in each case, the HD percolates endlessly (seeking something?), and the system runs slower. I notice that Win ME's Restore feature is disabled automatically by the installation of GoBack. I can't leave GoBack installed, fearing the heads on the HD will wear out from the constant work. Any advice will be appreciated.

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From: Jack on 11/05/2002
Check the settings for goback, you may have it set to copy the files every second or something

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From: Computerpilot on 11/05/2002

There are way too many possiblities here. I would not automatically point fingers at GoBack...

1) How much RAM do you have installed? Are you on Virtual Memory when this is happening?

2) Do you have an Antivirus solution? Is there a chance that it has not been updated with the most recent virus definitions? There is a chance that you have a virus/trojan.

3) I am not too familiar with GoBack, but is the software configured to backup system files, registry, and your hard drive? This could be a big chore and would understandibly take considerable resources and run the hard drive pretty hard. Are you backing all this up to the same drive? You might want to think twice about that...

There is a way to simply 'shut down' the GoBack running in the background as a test instead of uninstalling it. Simply cont. alt. del. and find the process that is running for GoBack. End Task.

Hope this helps.



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