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From: Crystal on 11/03/2002
Okay here I go I have no idea what this means I have found nothing other then someone wanted to charge me a arm and leg to fix.Please help.

MXECPV (02)+ 000002F1
ERROR : 0E :0028

Thanks Crystal


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From: Computerpilot on 11/05/2002

This error message is usually associated with a USB device. Typically, a USB HP printer.

I have seen some complaints about On Track System Suite software and other system scanning software and the HP printer on other complaints. The software was associated with the error message.

I guess I cannot directly pin point your problem, but I would suggest running the computer for awhile with the printer unplugged. See if you get the error message accomplishing the activities as before when the error message occured. If you do not see it, this would indicate a problem with the HP printer. Download a new driver or contact HP. I guess they have a fix for this. It may be posted on thier website.

If this does not apply to you or you still get the error message with the printer unplugged, then post back for some other ideas.



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From: Steve on 11/03/2002
When does this happen? What CPU RAM video card do you have? What have you tried to do to fix this? Did you virus scan?

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