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From: Chris on 10/27/2002
I have a AMD Duron 900Mhz processor, a TNT 3D graphics accelerator and 512Mb of RAM yet whether I am playing games or on the net it will randomly crash. The entire system freezes and no messages are displayed whatsoever. When I restart my computer it displays CPU and System temperatures. The CPU temperature is always 40 dgrees + or - 1 degree, is this too hot? I have checked my CPU fan and it is working properly, can you help


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From: Computerpilot on 10/28/2002

It is one of a few possibilities that your system is running too hot. Generally, if you are getting your whole computer to freeze without error, it is some type of hardware problem. You really have to follow the standard troubleshooting. It sounds like you rulled out the overheating possibility. Now I would remove hardware to see if you still have the problem. One thing that might work is to move hardware devices to other PCI slots. Sometimes there are shorts that develop in these slots (usually on lower quality motherboards). Also, you may want to look at your IRQ's. I have seen most of my 'lockups without error message' problems associated with too many devices sharing one IRQ. Again, moving hardware around to another PCI slot is the easiest way to change IRQ's around.

Hope this helps.



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