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From: Billy on 07/17/2002
Please can anyone help me.
I have just had my hard drive reformatted but now my pc keeps freezing. even if i let it stand for a couple of hours or so, one minute its ok, i leave it and when i come back i have to restart it again
any ideas anyone
thank you billy


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From: Computerpilot on 07/18/2002
Please keep in mind that these types of problems can be caused by MANY different possiblities. My recommendation always starts off with what recent additions you have made to your computer; hardware or software.

Check your Advanced Power Options. You can do this in Control Panel, Power Options. IF you computer is connected to a high speed cable or DSL, then you need to be sure that you computer NEVER shuts down the hard drive or Sleeps. You can have the monitor go off whenever you want. I recommend this to anyone that has a LAN card or a modem that is online. With a Wake on LAN (WOL) card, you should still be able to get your hard drive to spool down but I still do not recommend it.

I am all for saving power but turning off your monitor after 30 minutes of disuse is still quite a bit of power savings where your hard drive would be much less.

Give it a try and post back if you still have problems.



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