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 Sytem stops when loading Netscape 4.08 Post a Reply  
From: Paul on 07/27/1999
I have a Win 3.11 486 DX66 with Netscape 4.08 (16 bit version). I have 16 meg of memory.

I click on the icon and it starts to load. Then the disk light goes out and the program stops loading. The Program Manager screen remains and the cursor will move but the computer does not respond to the keyboard or the mouse. I press CTRL-ALT-Del and get the blue screen which says that the application has stopped responding to the system. I press Enter and the system comes back up OK but no Netscape! All further attempts fail in the same way.

I then close Windows and restart the computer. It may or may not work the second time but the program usually runs on the third time I close down the system and restart DOS and Windows. Once running it runs fine. I can close and restart Windows in the same DOS session and never have any problems again until my next session on the PC.

The Netscape software was downloaded from the Internet. It does not seem to be corrupt as I have reinstalled it from different download sessions. The same software runs fine on other Win 3.11 PCs, even ones with slower processors and less memory than mine.

I have reformatted my hard disk once and also later replaced my hard disk but the problem still persists. It sounds like a hardware fault to me - the PC runs well in every other way.

Please help - this is driving me mad!!!!


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