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 Win 98 4.10.98 -- ISSET_SE caused gen. protect Post a Reply  
From: Kerri on 01/22/2000
I have Windows 98, and I recently uninstalled Adobe Photoshop 4.0LE because I was upgrading to 5.0. When I tried to install 5.0, the computer gave me this message:

Windows 98 Version 4.10.1998
ISSET_SE caused a general protection fault
in module SETUP.EXE at 0001:0000319a.
EAX=00000262 CS=4437 EIP=0000319a EFLGS=00000212
EBX=00000000 SS=51bf ESP=00004f9e EBP=00004faa
ECX=00017606 DS=51bf ESI=0000009b FS=0000
EDX=0000517f ES=0000 EDI=0000517f GS=016f
Bytes at CS:EIP:
26 8b 47 0a 26 8b 57 0c 8b c8 8b f2 03 46 0c 13

Stack dump:
517f009b 00045c21 517f5177 301b4fc0 00000000 517f0262 00000052 29f74fd6 4fd64437 00042a06 00fa517f 0001544a 000451bf 51bf517f 06f951b1 00004437

I have tried reinstalling 4.0LE to no avail. I get the same message when I try to install just about anything. The only thing I have been able to install in the game "Black Dahlia." Even the game "Pharoah" gives me the same trouble as the photo programs. HELP!! Does anybody have a clue?


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From: Darren on 11/26/2005
I have this same problem with Flight Sim, Pinball, Fast Lanes Bowling, Bar Room Games, Snooker, Chess Compendium, Speedy Zone, Battle of the Sea, Mega City, and Star Defender. All these programs are available through "" Manaccom won't help me! What a waste of money.

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