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From: Nam on 02/21/2000
my computer crashes (hangs up) a number of times a day. I had tried all sorts of things to rectify it but nothing worked until one day I looked in the Control Panel->System->Performance->Graphics and found a tab to turn down the Hardware acceleration of my graphics card. I tried this and my computer stopped crashing overnight! I have been trying this for months now and it works every time - the only problem is that I have to turn off my 3d hardware acceleration during work and turn it back on to play games - what is going on here? why should I have to do this? my system is:
AMD 350, Windows 98, a Rendition Verite V2200 graphics AGP card, 64mb ram, AI5VG+ motherboard
where is my problem - the graphics card? should I change it for another or is there a simpler solution?

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