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From: Curtis on 02/25/2000
system: AMD KIII 400 w/ 128 MB Ram, ATI Rage Fury 32 MB video card and a "red fox" motherboard.

My system will hang nearly every time I use it. It seems to hang when I miss pressing a button or slide and then quickly hit the button (but this is not the only time it hangs).

It is not a temperature problem as the times between hangs are different and the cpu fan is working.

I have installed the win98 update, didn't help.

Reinstalled win98, didn't help.

Totally reinstalled win98, didn't help.

Newest driver for VC, didn't help.

It hangs when browsing, or when using other programs, but never when using basic windows functions.

If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it greatly.



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From: Dave on 12/26/2002
This happened to me on a Gateway Pent. 166 mmx running Win95. What I ended up doing is replacing the Processor. Reinstalling windows, replacing the Video Card and disabeling Devices did not help. But once I replaced the Processor, all Was well....


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From: bud on 02/26/2001
Feb 26

I have experienced similar problem for about two weeks. I have KMD 550mhz CPU, 64M RAM, RedFox Motherboard. The motherboard and all components have been working flawlessly since August 2000 until now.

I have run Win98 Set UP several times (reloaded Win98)and am current with Norton's antivirus updates.

It often takes five or more reboots/restarts to finanlly get Windows to run and more times than not, there is a blue screen Windows error message in the process but it will boot most of the time after that message.

A typical blue screen error message is: Invalid VxD dynamic link call from (VMM(01))+ 0000B24C to device "43E3", service EA77. Your Windows configuration is invalid. Run Win Set Up program again to correct this problem."

Once in 10 reboots I get BIOS SumCheck Error message.

A common error message while rebooting is:

"While initializing device CONFIGMG Windows Protection Error. You need to restart"

Once running the machine will be stable for hours even days.. Errors usually start again when I'm using IE, Outlook Express, MS Word.



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