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 Fatal exception error when IDE cd/dvd is installed Post a Reply  
From: David on 03/10/2000

When I want to install an IDE device (cd-rom/dvd player) I get an fatal exception error when I reboot.
When I disconnect the IDE device windows starts up normally, and when I then connect the device again, windows does'nt recognize the device and when I reboot again I get the fatal exception error again.


Asus p2bf motherboard + 64 mb memory
Asus 3400 AGP videocard
Maxtor hd 8.4 GIG
Soundblaster Live card
Dynalink 56K modem
Adaptec 2904 host controller
Plextor cd-rom + Plextor cdrw
Hollywood magic + card


fatal exception 0028:0000000B

0000000B VxD called from 0028:c1831E00 in VxD.

I tried the primary (as slave) and secundary (as master) options but that did'nt help.

I installed the IDE drivers and made corrections in my autoexec.bat and config.sys. but that did'nt help me also. You can access it from dos but not in Windows.

Help !




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