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 Can't see any graphics such as ones on the net Post a Reply  
From: Ali on 05/04/2000
I was on the net and my computer froze, and when it rebooted, I couldn't see my menu pic or any pictures on the net. Instead, I only see icons for where the pictures should be. I can't seem to get the menu pic at all, but I can see the net pics if I right mouse click on where they should be and choose show picture.

How can I get all my pictures back?? I have tried re-booting.


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From: strat79 on 05/16/2000
seems like internet explorer has changed your internet options(figures)! Go to your internet options in internet explorer(tools, internet options) and click on the advanced tab, then scroll down to Multimedia and see if the box that says "show pictures" is checked. If not, check it and apply it. If is is checked i have no idea what it could be.

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