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 WIndows 98 intermittently reboots Post a Reply  
From: Judy on 05/11/2000
Windows 98 machine reboots often on its own. I have removed and reinstalled both the video and mouse drivers which didn't help. Any suggestions?



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From: Strat79 on 05/11/2000
Could be a voltage problem,CPU Vcore or even bad power supply. could not be. It could be several things actually. Are you using a NIC(network interface card)? I had the same problem wiht my ethernet card shutting me down for some reason. everytime I tried to get on the internet, i have a cable modem, it would restart. I had a resource conflict with my ethernet card and sound card. That could also be your problem. It is kinda hard to diagnose without any more information. If u can tell me when it restarts most often and under what circumstances I might be able to tell you how to fix it. Or if you feel comfortable messing with your CPU voltage you could try upping it just a little if that is possible.


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