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 Computer freezes when using Netscape send page Post a Reply  
From: Joe on 06/04/2000
My computer freezes up when ever i try to use the send page option using Netscape 4.5. It was working good before and i didn't make any changes to my computer during the time it quit working. The message is sent and the recipent recieves it okay but it locks up when it is writing to my sent mail file. i have even tried to reload my netscape program and also checked that my settings are okay but it still is happening. Also if this helps I have a laptop computer and with the same settings all works okay. I am using Windows 98 and when it freezes my only option is to shut the computer down because it even freezes where the contorl, alt delete will not end task. Has anyone else had this same problem I can't seem to find out anything about it even on the netscape tech help. Thanks

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