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From: helpless on 06/05/2000
Hi and thanks in advance.

My boyfriend's brother came over and plugged his zip drive into our computer. Every time he does this, some little thing goes wrong (DVD player jams, things freeze, etc.) and this time something went VERY wrong.... the system crashed.

After 3 frustrating days, my boyfriend finally got Win 98 re-installed as well as some of the programs. Needless to say alot of our files have been lost.

Our problem is this. We can get the TCP dialer to dial and connect with our ISP, but we can not get either Netscape or IE to run. We have re-installed to no end, but nothing seems to work. We get the following errors:

I/O Address Invalid Setting msdos.sys [netwarp.parms]

this repeats twice again with the additional lines
HKR,,boardtype,,ezisdn ISBAR IDNU
Log on browser

I am guessing it is unable to find a socket.

We don't have the money to put it in the shop, so any help would be appreciated!


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