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 Win98 crash when I try to open Word97 Post a Reply  
From: Rob2469 on 06/09/2000
My system is 1 year old this JUL. It has worked perfectly until a month ago. Norton Utility intercepted 'File Opem Message Window" with file corrupted, will cause crash if continue. Norton WinDr found Winword.exe crashed when opeNed. I uninstalled Word97 then rebooted, no luck. I ran MS sfc util, it found USER.exe corupted, I inserted the Win98 disk and sfc replaced that file, no luck. I ran Norton DiskDr, no bad sectors detected. I ran Norton disk defrag util no luck. When I run Norton WinDr now I get missing Hypertrm.dll file. I don't even use Hyper terminal prog. MS sfc finds nothing. All my other files open fine. MS programs, graphics, internet, voice recognition. Even WORDPAD. My computer company tells me I must reinstall WIN98. What a horrible idea. I'm a quadriplegic and backing up a 3Gigs of scaned images is not an option. What can I do?

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