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From: Flash on 06/10/2000
It is important for you to go to
and do a port scan of your computer, see if you have any "ports" open to invaders. The most common is "netBIOS" a real stupid microsoft idea indeed.

Here's how to turn it off.

Went to control panel - network - and took out "windows networking" and now you can select to turn on / off netBIOS!

When you close it says "your network is not complete do you still want to continue?"

YES! I DO! my network is as complete as I need it, internet access is OK.

If you are on a ethernet or other wired network this may not help you because you might need this. In that case you will need to talk to your admin.

Now on my system I only have two things in the "Network" control panel, "Dial-Up Adaptor" and "TCP/IP". I removed all others. The "Primary Network Logon" select box is set to "Windows Logon" and that is the only choice anyway.

Keep it simple and you will have less problems. Start adding all this networking crap and you get the Bill Gates treatment and open yourself to crackers.

Sell them something that allows viruses and network break ins, who cares, we just want their money.


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